the girl...

My passion for photography began when I was a child of about five. I remember my Mum being delighted that I was being so artistic. There was always a smile and praise as I thrust another photograph of buttercups, car number plates, shoes and trees (in focus and out of focus!!) into her hands. I was in love with the magic of it all - pressing down the shutter button and capturing that little snapshot forever. Mummy never moaned about the cost of film and allowed me to explore my creativity through numerous different ways, my favourite being photography.
I grew up. I went to school. We got a dog, then chickens, then sheep, then geese and ducks; who occupied most of my free time. I finished school and went to uni to study design. I would take the occasional photograph on my phone or on a little point and shoot, but I could never get the effect I wanted. I would get annoyed by the shutter lag, the dull colour rendering and the hideous pixelated blur I was left with.

It was at university, in my second year, when Rob (my boyfriend since high school,) proposed and we started to think about our own wedding... and I began looking at photographers and wedding photos.
The lust of photography was back in my life and I wanted a part of it. I embarked on a personal 365 project (a photo a day) on Flickr and at the time I only had a rather useless little point and shoot camera. I began saving my pennies and cramming as much photography as I could into my life. I was reading books, websites and blogs. I was watching tutorials, scouring you-tube and was a frequent Jessops store botherer! In the middle of January that year I was able to afford to buy my first proper camera, a second hand DSLR and a couple of second hand lenses. This is the very first photo I took on my new (now old!) DSLR (part of my 365 project).

I was in love. I taught myself the technical knowledge I needed to undertake a few photo shoots with family and friends to build a portfolio of work. I found and honed my style. My personality allowed me to get the most out of the people I was photographing and let their natural beauty shine - they were happy and comfortable. I began a blog to document my work, growth and progression (this blog).
After receiving many kind comments and support from family, friends and the community of people I had met online (Flickr) I turned my passion into a business. A friend asked me to shoot his wedding (my first wedding) and I haven't looked back. It was one of the best things I have ever done and taught me so much. It confirmed that I want photography to be a massive part of my life.

More than four years on since shooting my first wedding and I'm still absolutely loving every moment of photography - the places I get to visit, the amazing people I meet, the fabulous weddings I get to attend and the gorgeous babies I get to give squishy hugs to!! I love it all.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.
I am only able to take on a limited number of weddings each year, therefore if you would like to book me, please get in touch as soon as possible. Visit the contact details page to find out how to talk to me...I'd love to hear from you.