Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Portraits...

When do you usually do the portraits and how long do they usually take?
If you’ve already had a love shoot with me, then you’ll know about my golden hour love affair. The best time is an hour before sunset, this may, for a Summer wedding, mean slipping off straight after the wedding breakfast. The portraits can last for as long as you’ll allow them to. I can do them in as little as half an hour, but I’d love to have longer than that and a few location changes. Please do factor this time into your day when planning out timings.
Most couples factor in 20 minutes straight after the ceremony and another 20 minutes later in the evening.
Can we take the bridesmaids and ushers off too?
Yep, this would be a brilliant time to get some quirky wedding party shots. I get to do some decapitating, ask you to do odd expressions, point my camera at your feet, and you get to spend some time having a laugh with your closest friends on your wedding day. I’d suggest doing photos of the wedding party first, then waving them off for the portraits on our own as they’re needed back at the party to keep the Nans happy.
 We’ve found a cracking location, but it’s 10 minutes up the road!
That sounds fantastic!
I guess you’ve factored in more than thirty minutes for your portraits then? A change of location would make for some really stunning wedding portraits. Unless doing a London wedding, where we’d use public transport, we have a car and will happily ferry you to different locations. What about visiting a local field, cobbled street, beach, tower block or farm shop for some quirky shots.

Do you just shoot digital during the portraits?
Oh hello! Nope, if you ask nicely, I may also bring along my Diana film camera and my Instax for a few photos.

What do we do if it rains?
I’ve shot a few weddings where it’s rained, but we’ve always managed to find a break in the clouds. There was one wedding where it rained constantly, all day – it was like the rain in Forest Gump, there was no stopping it and it seemed to come in from all angles! On that occasion, I had to wear a rather fetching bin liner over my clothes (did absolutely nothing for keeping me dry!) and my waterproof camera was fine. If you’re prepared with wellies and brollies, or a barefoot dash through the puddles, then it will leave you with some hilarious memories and some really unique photographs. You soon dry off quickly on the dancefloor.
Will you make us sit or lay on the floor?
It’s entirely up to you and how comfortable you feel with the slight possibility of getting little marks on your clothes. If you’re happy to sit or lay, then awesome, if not, then don’t worry.

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