Saturday, 29 June 2013

Emma & Jordan... {yellow fields and canal boat love shoot in Newbury}

Meet Emma and Jordan - they're seriously awesome people and are getting married later this Summer. I'm lucky enough to get to photograph it and I cannot blinking wait. I'm promised a pretty barn wedding, live music and the most gorgeous sounding dress!

Emma works for Oasis, doing what sounds like a dream job, and Jordan is the band Bring Me The Horizon. It was quite tricky to find a day when we were all free, but luckily an empty weekend popped up just before Jordan headed out to America and the Warped Tour.

Emma wanted the shoot in the yellow oilseed rape field and thankfully the day was mostly cloudy, so it wasn't too bright and sunny. I loved my morning spent with this pair - they're so sweet and kept us giggling throughout...
I was treated to some 'rock poses!'..


So much for the red puffy, fire extinguisher eyes, hey Jordan!?!

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