Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Ceremony...

Can we do a “first look” before the ceremony?
Oh my days… I’m yet to photograph a first look, but would absolutely love to! We had a first look ourselves, before walking down the aisle together and it was so lovely. All those nerves blow away as soon as you set eyes on the person you’re going to be making a lifetime commitment to. It’s a very moving, intimate and exciting part of the day (if you choose to do it,) and will help the rest of the day calmly flow. You can do the whole tap-on-the-shoulder-and-turn-around thing! If you don’t want to do a first look, then that’s absolutely fine, but please consider it if you’re a nervous bride, if there are strict guidelines at your ceremony venue about where I can stand, or you fancy doing something non-traditional.

Where will you stand during the ceremony?
You’ll need to confirm this with the vicar or registrar before the wedding. I’ve had some weddings where there has been a blanket ban on taking any photos whatsoever, ones where I’ve had free reign to stand and go anywhere, weddings where I’ve had to stay in one spot at the front, ones where I’ve only been allowed at the back of the aisle and one where I was shut outside the ceremony room until the signing of the register! Some of my favourite shots are when I’m allowed to be at the front, up with the action and I can document all the little expressions, the giggles and emotions. I have even been known to shed a few tears!

Me first, or bridesmaids?
I think the traditional way is bridesmaids after, however, it depends what you’re allowed, what you feel comfortable doing and what kind of photos you want of the aisle walk. If I stand at the back and you go first, then I often cannot get a clear back shot of you on your own as the bridesmaids are behind you, whereas I can if they go in first. If I’m at the front and your bridesmaids go first, then unless you wait until they settle, I may have to shoot through them to reach you.
We’re getting married outside.
Think about where the sun is, not just for the photographs, but also for the guests. Try and ensure you’re covered by shade so there are no harsh highlights and no one is squinting. If weather could be an issue, how about supplying the guests with blankets and brollies? If you have no choice and have to be in direct sunlight, try and face away from the sun, so you’re back-lit and perhaps give the guests fans to keep cool.

Do you use flash, during the ceremony?
{cough} I never flash during the ceremony, I leave that for the evening!! In all seriousness, I would hate to divert attention, or get in the way as you do when flashes are popping off left, right and center. The ceremony is about you making your commitment and flash can be quite obtrusive. If the venue is really dark, add lights with lots of candles or fairy lights. I’ll be as creative as possible to get the best-lit photos. I’ve photographed in dark barns, wood paneled rooms, a stone fort and even a wine cave!
Do many brides cry, I need to know for my mascara choice!?
I did… pretty much the whole way through!! I kept a vintage hankie in my hand – it could have been wrung out by the end of the ceremony! I’ve only ever had three brides that have got teary, no full criers and two weepy grooms. Most are quite giggly! Awww. Go waterproof, just incase.

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