Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Bridal Preparations...

Why do you take photos of me getting ready and when do you arrive?
I’ll usually arrive with you an hour and a half before you head off to the ceremony. This leaves me enough time to have a chat, photograph you applying make-up, putting the finishing touches to your hair, the details like flowers, the shoes, dress, you getting into your dress and everyone laughing, having fun and feeling über excited about the day ahead. Taking these photos is a beautiful way to look back over the morning of the wedding, something which is all to easy to forget about, as you get caught up in the moments of the day and the blur of it all. I document your story and this part is a lovely introduction to it.

But where should I get ready?
Most brides I’ve photographed have either got ready in their own home, their parent’s homes, a hotel, or the location of the wedding venue. Backgrounds and light play a key part in these photographs – so ensure the room is large, there is plenty of good quality, natural light and as little clutter in the room as possible. To minimise stress on the day, why not move the ugly cluttery items (hotel menu cards, carrier bags, etc, the night before. Make sure the room you’re getting ready in is big enough for me to move around and your friends and family to float in and out of, without people having to shuffle into the corners to squeeze past each other. If you have a quirky and eclectic taste, lots of cool vintage curios and a lovely home, then why not get ready there? Why not light the room you’re getting ready in with fairy lights, or get ready outside? I did!

Where will you put my dress, for “the” shot?
I’ve hung dresses in trees, on front doors, on antique wardrobes, on doorframes, old beams, curtain rails, garden gates and shed doors to name but a few! If you’re happy to let it out of your sight for 10 minutes, I’ll be incredibly careful and get some pretty awesome shots of your lovely dress.
I’m not keen on those “just hold it there,” or “do it again, I missed it” photographers, are you one of them?
No!! I document the natural flow of the wedding day in an artistic, fly-on-the-wall style. I’m not going to want you to keep looking at me, unless I specifically ask you to for a portrait shot, I’m not going to shout “freeze” whilst you’re applying make-up, getting your dress on, or walking down the stairs! Just relax, have fun and smile.


  1. A fantastic post for brides to be. When I was thinking about wedding photography I didn't think I would want photo's of us getting ready. Why on earth would I want pictures without my hair done and make up on! But I'm so glad I did. Some of my favourite shots of the day are from the bridal prep ones. And it's such an exciting time that I love looking back through those pictures and remembering it. Which thanks to you including some of my pictures in this post I've got to do all over again this morning.

  2. Aww, thanks Lucy - what a lovely post :) XxX