Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Love Shoot...

What’s a “Love Shoot?”
A love shoot is a portrait photo shoot of you as a couple.

Yeah… but what’s the point?
The shoot is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for you to see how I work... I'm going to be spending an entire day with you on the most important day of your life after all!! I want you to feel comfortable and natural with me, as this is when the best images are captured. I adore capturing your real emotions. Plus, it means I get to have a good chat about music and maybe a cider, should we accidentally happen to stumble into a pub after the photo shoot!!
Ok, that makes sense (especially the pub bit,) but I hate having photos taken.
I hear this a lot! But I’m always amazed at how into it people (especially the blokes) get over the course of the shoot! I’ll relax you by shooting far away at first, and let you just interact naturally, with little direction, then when I feel you’re getting more comfortable I’ll come closer for some tight crops. I love natural expressions, your smiles, laughs and glances. I’ll ask you to do simple little tasks, like hold each other, close your eyes and think about the emotions you’ll feel when you first see each other on your wedding day – this always helps a closed eye, embrace photo look less corpse-y! I jabber on the whole time, asking questions, telling you about my cats and about the best local cider pubs we can head to afterwards!
When you say, “asking questions,” what do you mean?
I like to ask simple things… then I build up to the heavy stuff, like the meaning of life!! Only joking. I’ll ask how you met, your favourite bands, about your wedding plans and things like that. I’ll love getting to know you and it’s great being able to talk face-to-face, about your wedding before the day itself. We can go over timings, when’s best for your portraits, about lighting, the venue/s, guests, specific shots you want, where you want me when and general plans.
Where will the Love Shoot take place?
You get to personalise the shoot as much as you want, through clothing and location choices. Where is special to you? What kind of images do you want? Urban, costal, forest, field, street, park, home locations all work brilliantly. Like your wedding day images, you and your family will be looking over these images for years to come, so have a good think about the locations, as they add so much to an image.
Included in the price is travel within a 15 mile radius of my home address, however I’m willing to travel if you want me to – I love a good road trip. Have a chat with me about charges after the initial 15 miles.
Will you travel abroad for a Love Shoot?
Errr… is the Pope catholic?!
Talk to me about clothes?
Ohh, I love this subject! Again, give this subject great consideration. Ideally your outfits should compliment each other, but not be matchy-matchy. Wear something you’re happy and comfortable and feel absolutely gorgeous in. You might want to match or juxtapose with your locations, for example, muted, warm, tones would work well in an autumnal, forest setting, but equally, bright, bold colours would work well in a harsh, urban environment. This might be a good excuse to go shopping for a new outfit.
How long does a Love Shoot last and what time of day do you like to do them?
Typically, between an hour and a half, to two hours for a one location shoot. But if we need to wander or drive to other locations, that’s absolutely fine. I also don’t mind waiting whilst you’re changing outfits. If you have a fully booked day and have to shoot off by a specific time, just let me know.
My favourite time for shooting is sunrise and just before sunset as this light is pure and simply, epic. There is nothing more flattering than good quality, golden lighting in an image. However I’ll shoot during the day if you can’t manage a morning or afternoon – if this is the case, overcast days work best, or I’ll be looking for shade and back-lighting you.

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