Friday, 14 December 2012

The Details from our Wedding Day...

These are all the bits and pieces I made in the weeks leading up to our wedding. I thought I'd photograph all the things as I made them to document them..
The cake toppers and the stationery.
The rosettes for the winners of the sack and egg & spoon races.
The grooms men's ties - also knitted by a work friend and some of my Mum's friends. Rob's was mustard and not photographed as I didn't finish it until the night before the wedding!
The button holes.
My birdcage veil (with one of my Nain's doilies).
The place setting labels.
The kid's party bags.
The female guests buttonholes.
My garter and shoes - I glittered the bottoms of them as they were scuffed old Topshop shoes.
The order of service.
I Illustrated all the little cameras which matched the cameras on the tables.
I also illustrated all the little wedding party portraits.

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  1. Beautiful i love the illustrations!x