Saturday, 22 September 2012

our Scottish adventure... {personal}

So, we went to Scotland for our honeymoon...

Neither of us really enjoy flying, not because we're scared, but we just hate the waiting around, and all the faff. Neither of us really enjoy hot places, they make us tired and grumpy. My Mum mentioned about the Isle of Skye and Rob and I both thought it sounded perfect!

Neither of us had ever been to Scotland, we both like walking, the rain, trees, wildlife and Biffy Clyro (!!) so we started researching places to stay on our road trip to Scotland.
I didn't want to take too many photos on our holiday and in fact left the camera in my bag, at the B&Bs most of the time. I really wanted to appreciate the surroundings without my camera, and spend time with Rob, not just look through the viewfinder the whole holiday and not take in the bigger picture.

The first place we stayed in was the absolutely gorgeous 15 in Glasgow. Glasgow is such a cool city! We spent our time visiting museums, hanging out in Ashton Lane (I wish I'd taken my camera here,) looking at body parts in jars (Rob's choice) and eating nice food.

We stayed in the Drawing Room at 15...
Some lovely links for Glasgow...
15Ketchup, The Lane Vinyl Bar, Kelvingrove Museum, Crabshakk, The Hunterian, Grosvenor Cinema, Ubiquitous Chip, I also bought a lovely little Bourbon biscuit brooch from a cute little boutique on a street near Ashton Lane, whose name eludes me.

From the hustle and bustle of Glasgow and it's quirky streets, we headed further north to Skye for two nights. On Skye we stayed at The Spoons. The Spoons is something else - it's owners Marie and Ian are so warm, friendly and generous. The house is gorgeously decorated and has the most amazing views over the hills and loch.

We stayed in Spoon Two...
Rob did a lot of newspaper reading!
And oh my days, the breakfasts were something else. Homemade crepes, granola, poached fruits, local heather honey, local meats and eggs from the hens in the garden..
Marie made us a cute little honeymoon cake for afternoon tea...

On our way back down, we stayed in Fort William, which meant that we had to go up Ben Nevis, go to walker's pubs and go on the Jacobite train from the Harry Potter films!!!

The views on Ben Nevis were unfortunately quickly marred by a thick mist which came in as soon as we went up there!
The train...
The train was for my benefit, as was our little day trip to Portree (whilst on Skye) to see the Balamory houses!..
Landscape photography isn't something I've really been excited about or wanted to try before now, but the views were all so breathtaking that I had to have a practice. I took the next few photos at the Loch out the back of The Spoons on Skye.
The sunsets were scrummy..
 I thought I'd finish off with some photos of these hairy lovelies!..

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  1. how totally beautiful, i am so pleased you had amazing time :-) xo Lou