Monday, 19 September 2011

emily & mark { a sneak peek } ... round 2!

I'm lying on the bed in my comfiest joggers and hoody. The two cats are each side of me, curled into little parcels, as I type one handed on the keyboard...the other hand, its back limply raised to my forehead, as I exclaim, "woe is me!"

I feel so rough! What started as a night of no sleep due to being "ill" has now turned into a horrid achy thing which hasn't passed even though I've been resting in bed all day. {sigh}

Anyway, whilst I'm lying here, with little else to do, I thought I'd get a sneak peek done of the utterly sublime wedding I was lucky enough to photograph on Saturday. I'll keep the wordy bits for the full post, but here are three photos I've edited already...
I have SO much I need to blog and upload, but since we moved house (to be in a post I'm yet to blog!) the internet connection has been so rubbish that it often wont even try to upload the images. We've phoned the provider many times, but still nothing that's suggested seems to work.

p.s: It's just taken me 16 minutes and 7 attempts to upload this photo!


  1. Seriously gorgeous! Hope they hurry up and fix your internet 'cos I cannot wait to see the rest!! xx

  2. Aww Lou, you always say such lovely things :) xxx