Wednesday, 3 August 2011

a scrummy & squishy brand new package...

I adore photographing babies - they never fail to make me feel all warm and fuzzy at their cuteness.

This rather handsome little chap and his lovely older brother are the adorable children of my old English teacher. "Old" as in no-more, because I'm now an adult (errhumm!), not "old" as in elderly! there a better way to phrase it?! I even get to photograph his Christening later in the year :) yippee!


  1. My boys!!! Absolutely stunning - Thank-you so much (and I appreciate the clarification on "old"!!!)
    K xxx

  2. Just received the disc and oh my goodness! The most beautiful photographs of my family I have ever seen. You are an incredibly talented photographer and seem to capture the real heart of things. You don't just take a photo - you create pictures of memories! Can't wait to see what you do with the Christening! Thank -you so much for these pictures, they're priceless xxx

  3. Oh wow! Thank you so much - you've got me blubbing!! I absolutely adored taking photos of your beautiful family. Thank you so, so much. xxx

  4. Wow! You have really got the yummy squishy-ness in these pictures of the new born.