Wednesday, 10 August 2011

err, sorry? what?

...If someone had said, "Dani, you'll have your work published in a national bridal magazine, within your first year of business," I would have said "poppycock!" But, a few months ago I was approached by Perfect Weddings Magazine, who wished to feature Jenni & Neil's wedding (my first wedding!!!) in their September issue. To say I was shocked is a bit of an understatement - I think Rob had to literally dab my forehead with a damp flannel! Anyhoo, emails were sent back and forth and I sent off the images, still not really believing it was real...until today.

I went into WHSmiths to see if I was actually in the September issue. Picture this - I'm stood scanning the shelves for the magazine, when I spot it on the middle shelf, but the blinking thing has one of those plastic covers, so I couldn't get to it until I bought it. I fumbled around for the £2.99, before hurrying to get the plastic wrapping off. There it was, on page 80, Jenni and Neil in their full glory!

Oh my life! I'm sure to the big photographers I admire in the industry, this sort of thing isn't that much of a big deal, but to me - I'm blinking over the moon!!! Right, enough of the rambling and on to the rubbish quality scans...


  1. Brilliant!! I am so pleased for you! And will be rushing out to buy the magazine in the morning :) Well done xx

  2. It looks even more fantastic in real life on the glossy pages. Well done Danielle! Your images are amazing and this is the credit you deserve! x

  3. This is awesome... I feel all gushy for you!! Very much deserved my lovely! x