Monday, 22 August 2011

emily & mark - a pre-wedding shoot in sheffield...

I adore these two - not only are they the most amazingly warm, kind and friendly people I think I've ever met, they are also so beautifully in love. Emily & Mark booked me to shoot their wedding way back when I had a teeny portfolio of work (I'd just shot these two). I'm so thankful for this gorgeous pair to have put their faith in me...I cannot wait to shoot their wedding!!

Also, how awesome is this - Mark is a reporter on radio Derby, so officially, they're my first "celebrity" clients! Ohh yeahh baby!! Heee!


  1. Aw Danielle these are amazing. Me and my parents love them :) xx

  2. Thanks ladies :)

    Hattie - I can't wait for their wedding! You BMs will all look gorgeous too, the dress choices are stunning!

  3. Love the snuggle in the phone box and the angle of the 'crucible' one too