Saturday, 25 June 2011

the journey I've been on...

...Well, everything is changing for me at the moment - I've finished my PGCE, I've enrolled with a supply teaching agency and we're packing up the house, ready to move when Rob finishes school.

I've been on such a long, tiring, exhausting and draining journey over the last year, but my goodness has it changed my life! I haven't managed to secure a full-time job in a school yet for September - I think I'm being too picky, but also there isn't much about in the area I'm looking at. I've been supply teaching for the past week (and will continue to do so until the end of term) something I would have winced at the idea of this time last year. My God is it hard, scary, challenging and painfully difficult at times, but it's so rewarding.

Now I've finished my PGCE, I'm able to give photography a larger portion of my time, which is so exciting. Something that's also exciting is that Rob has taken an interest in my huge love of photography and has asked if I can "teach" him! {blush!} It means I get to plan some assignments for us to complete this Summer! YAY!

So, watch out for my blog posts on the weddings, christenings, bumps, couples, families, parties, days out and the odd fun and styled shoot (for good measure!) that I'm lucky enough to be photographing this Summer.

Big love. x

{Thank you for the two photos of me, Rob. Shame I look pregnant in the last one...I'm NOT may I add!! Let's just blame the 'cut' of the t-shirt ;) }


  1. Hello my love, sounds like it will be a great summer. Glad you got some temp work but know it must be hard. Can't believe you're moving but good for you. Glad you will be closer! Xxx

  2. Can't wait to catch up. Great photos Rob. And you don't look pregnant Danielle you banana! x