Tuesday, 17 May 2011

a bit of me...

My amazing friend sent me a link to the following and it really struck a chord with where I am right now...


So as you know - when I am lucky enough to do lovely shoots I never fail to post the images, but I never really blog anything about me. It's not because I don't want to, but I never really think that people will want to read what I feel like writing.
       My life is so hectic at the moment, but photography is my one way to escape - for that few seconds that I'm looking through the viewfinder, I'm looking into another world. A world where I feel completely calm and forget everything else. The only problem is that because my life is so hectic with studying I am having to decline shoots which really frustrates and upsets me. I know that this isn't forever...after June I will have more time to spare for it, but at this moment in time I'm struggling to find a balance between "me" and work. I want to be an outstanding teacher, but I also want to be a good photographer.
      I hate having to decline shoots because I'm too busy with uni work. I hate the fact that I still haven't found the time to paint my toenails for the flipflops weather. I hate that I don't give Rob the time in the evenings that he deserves. I hate that I feel guilty for not being able to reply to emails / phonecalls / txts immediately. I hate that I haven't brushed my cats for a week or more. I hate that I no longer seem to have time for lunch. I've been feeling pretty low and I hate that too.

After a couple of pretty poo weeks, seeing this today made me weak at the knees...


I HAVE to make a pact with myself - I promise to spend Saturday afternoons doing the things I love...photography being the main one. And I have to stop being so hard on myself.

Dani. x


  1. I completely agree. Try to give yourself Sat afternoons and don't be so hard on yourself. Rob will understand as he has been there and you will be a great teacher. It is so hard to find that balance but things will soon calm down. Well done all your achievements so far and sure there will be many more to come x (and people will understand about your delayed replies I am sure) x

  2. Big hugs to you my love, don't be so hard on yourself! xxx miss you both