Monday, 27 September 2010

A 1940's Style Love...

Now, I have a story for you...

...Last weekend my partner and I headed to our local steam station to meet our friends (Ross and Jo) at the beer festival. Well, we'd been there a few hours and suddenly a 1940's styled wedding party arrived. Everyone looked absolutely amazing!

I was desperate to take some photos but was too chicken to ask, so Ross gallantly (with lots of protesting from me) asked the bride if she'd like some photos taken of her and the groom, which I'd then email to them.

The bride and groom didn't have a professional photographer, so I happily snapped away for about fifteen minutes, before the wedding party boarded the dining carriage on the train for their wedding breakfast.

Thank you lovely bride, groom for letting a complete stranger snap you on your wedding day, thank you also for letting me share these images and thank you Ross for seeing an opportunity I was too chicken to take by myself!!

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  1. Danielle I can't believe how amazing these photos are. You have captured the feel of this wedding so well and fantastic for a spur of the moment shoot.I am so glad that Ross asked about this great opportunity for you!