Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Long time, no speak...

So, to say my life has changed recently, is a MASSIVE understatement!!

In August I became the incredibly daunted proud Mama to twin boys, Kip and Ivo. It was all rather a whirlwind - at 34+6 I went into hospital feeling a bit icky at the request of my midwife, only to go onto have the boys four days later via emergency caesarean!

We have wanted kids for years and felt utterly blessed when, on this day last year I took a pregnancy test on the off chance and it came out positive! Ten weeks later at our scan, (like busses!!) we found out we were having two babies not just one! Rob, who has a firm grasp of the English language, suggested that the sonographer was "shitting him," but nope, there were two heartbeats, two bulbous heads and eight flailing little limbs.

Cue worry, anguish and frequent google searches to research positions for breast feeding twins, safe delivery of twins, twin blogs, etc, etc. I knew there were massive risks involved in multiples pregnancies and to say I was concerned is a little mild. I was petrified!

We'd joked that it could be twins, because of my horrendous symptoms, but never imagined it to be true. I had awful headaches, constantly tired and had horrific morning sickness. I was sick A LOT and could mostly only keep liquid down. I could no longer go to the supermarket because it made me vomit, had to run to the bathroom after food TV adverts and didn't open the fridge or a food cupboard for weeks! Looking back on it now I can laugh about it, but at the time there was nothing funny about chundering into a dog-poo bag, whilst driving on the A15 at eight weeks pregnant!!

I had to refund a host of brides and point them in other directions as I just didn't know how my pregnancy would progress. I luckily managed to do this early enough that they all found fantastic photographers for their big days, but I missed out on several awesome opportunities. I only undertook a handful of jobs, right at the beginning of the year. I was also advised not to work after 25 weeks of pregnancy (right in the middle of wedding season!!) due to the risk of premature labour.

Post-sickness, the rest of my pregnancy went smoothly - I had horrid backache, couldn't sleep, was shattered and scared stiff about being a twin Mum; but everything was going ok. The boys were growing well, even though my bump was modest...The amount of times someone said "ooh you don't look that big for a twin pregnancy. Seriously people, DON'T comment on a pregnant woman's bump size, as I cannot begin to tell you how much this made me fret.

At about 32/33 weeks I began feeling funny. At a routine midwife appointment at 34 weeks I explained how I felt and she immediately phoned the hospital and I was admitted that day. In all my google sessions I had never seriously considered the possibility of having the boys prematurely. That's the sort of thing that happens to other people, I thought, I'm strong and healthy so I can take them full term (37 weeks for twins).

My birth plan read like a who's who of earth Motherness. I wanted a natural labour, no pain relief, water birth and immediate skin-to-skin. HAAA!! I'd even spent days doing odd yoga positions trying to get 'twin 1' to turn from his breech position and managed to turn him in preparation for my natural birth. After four separate failed induction attempts and a plummeting heart rate from Ivo, I was rushed to theatre for a c-section. Rob in tow wearing scrubs and clutching a Tesco carrier bag (For the life of me we still don't know why, or what was in it!!)

Our midwives were twins themselves. So at just gone 8:00pm our boys were delivered one minute apart; Kip ('twin 1') by Abi, who was 'twin 1' herself, and Ivo 'twin 2' by Mia, 'twin 2'. How amazing is that?!

The boys and I were in hospital for 9 days post-birth as they had some standard premature baby issues with feeding and temperature regulation. But they were remarkably healthy, so we were very lucky. Rob had two weeks paternity leave from work and then that was it - I've been going it alone in during the week, looking after two little people. Let me tell you, I romanticised it so much being pregnant that my only concern was the logistics of carrying two car seats! How naive! No amount of googling could have prepared me for the onslaught of being a twin Mama. It is rewarding and incredibly amazing, but so bloody hard.

They're now 4 months old, or 2.5 months corrected age - so, they're small for 4 months. And I'm SO in love. Yes it is immensely hard, no they don't sleep through the night, but they're the most amazing thing that has happened in our lives.

Anyhoo, enough of the waffle...

(All photos iphone below)
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